Coin Shop Evanston

If you live on the north side of Chicago of the Surrounding suburbs of, Evanston, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, Niles, lincolnwood; Oakton Coins & Collectibles is likely the coin dealer near you.

At 4547 Oakton St, Skokie, IL 60076.


Oakton Coins is convenient for people from the city and the suburbs.

Its where to sell gold in Evanston, Chicago & Skokie


Here are some tips to help you sort your coins before you bring them in for us to buy — using these tips and sorting your coins accordingly will help the transaction go much more smoothly and efficiently, saving time.   First though, before we get into the sorting tips, let’s establish a few rules and clear up a few misconceptions:

1. Never try to clean a coin, no matter how dirty or ugly it looks  you are damaging the coin— leave it alone!

2.  Just about everything is common.  If you think about it, that’s what makes rare stuff rare — the definition of “rare” is…  “most things aren’t”.  Just because you don’t see Buffalo nickels in your pocket change every day, that doesn’t make them rare — every coin dealer in the country probably has tons of them.  However, that being said, for most of the older types of coins, there are usually at least a few “key dates”, while all the rest will be common dates for that type of coin.

3  Age does NOT make something rare or valuable!  If that were true, rocks and trees would be worth a fortune, and we’d all be rich.  However, while that’s generally a true statement, there’s always an exception — if a coin is extremely old, even if it’s a common date for the kind of coin that it is, the value can rise significantly if it’s in mint or near-mint condition. Just remember that for most coins, especially the more modern stuff, they’ll still be very common even in brand new, mint condition.

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