Coin collecting, also known as numismatics, is the practice of collecting coins or other forms of currency, such as paper money, tokens, and medals. Coin collectors may focus on a particular era, country, or type of coin, or they may collect a broad range of coins.

Collectors often find the historical and cultural significance of coins to be of interest. Coins can provide insight into the political, economic, and social context of the time in which they were minted. They can also serve as tangible artifacts of the past, linking collectors to the people and events of a particular period.

Coin collecting can be a hobby, an investment, or both. Some collectors enjoy the challenge of acquiring rare or unusual coins, while others enjoy the aesthetic appeal of coins and the satisfaction of completing a particular set or series. In some cases, rare or valuable coins can appreciate in value over time, making them a potentially lucrative investment.

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There have been many famous coin collectors throughout history, some of the most well-known include:

  1. King Farouk of Egypt: He was a renowned collector of coins and owned one of the largest and most valuable coin collections in the world at the time of his reign.
  2. Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr.: He was the only collector in history to have assembled a complete collection of every coin ever minted by the United States government.
  3. John J. Pittman: He was a prominent coin collector and one of the founders of the Professional Coin Grading Service.
  4. Virgil M. Brand: He was a famous collector who owned a massive collection of coins, stamps, and other collectibles.
  5. J.P. Morgan: He was a well-known financier and businessman who was also a passionate collector of coins.
  6. Harry W. Bass Jr.: He was a collector of American gold coins and is known for his extensive collection of U.S. pattern coins.
  7. John D. Rockefeller Jr.: He was a prominent philanthropist and collector of ancient coins.

These collectors and many others have made significant contributions to the study and preservation of coins and the history that they represent.