Mexican Silver Libertads are .999-fine Silver and are some of the most beautiful Silver coins in the world.

The captivating Silver Libertad coin showcases a rich tapestry of symbolism and historical significance. On its obverse side, one can behold the prestigious Mexican National Seal, which portrays a mighty eagle perched upon a cactus, clasping a serpent within its formidable beak. Encircling this majestic bird are both a laurel wreath and the official name of Mexico, “Estados Unidos Mexicanos,” proudly displayed in the Spanish language.

Turning to the reverse side of the Silver Libertad, one is greeted by two profound emblems deeply cherished by the Mexican people. The foremost depiction is that of the Angel of Independence, a revered monument revered throughout Mexico, often regarded as the very embodiment of Mexico City itself. Symbolizing triumph and freedom, this angelic figure serves as a powerful icon within the country’s heritage.

Enveloping the background of the coin’s reverse are the striking Mexican volcanoes of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. These magnificent peaks stand as living monuments that pay homage to a poignant legend of love and tragedy. According to an ancient pre-Columbian tale, a valiant warrior named Popocatépetl fell deeply in love with Iztaccíhuatl, the daughter of a king. In order to earn the king’s blessing for their union, Popocatépetl was tasked with triumphing over a rival tribe in battle. Unfortunately, while engaged in the conflict, a jealous suitor spread false rumors of Popocatépetl’s demise, causing the heartbroken maiden to perish from grief.

Upon returning victorious from the arduous battle, Popocatépetl discovered the tragic fate that had befallen his beloved. Overwhelmed by sorrow, he laid her to rest atop a mountain range that poetically resembled a slumbering woman, forever honoring the memory of the departed maiden. Consumed by his enduring love, Popocatépetl ascended a neighboring peak, eternally stationed there as a guardian, keeping a watchful eye over his cherished companion.

To this day, the portrayal of the majestic volcanoes on the Silver Libertad coin serves as a poignant tribute to the tale of these star-crossed lovers. It encapsulates their timeless story of devotion and immortalizes their enduring connection within the hearts and minds of the Mexican people.