We are always buying luxury jewelry, including Tiffany, David Yurman, Cartier, and more from Evanston.

It’s always smart to shop around when selling your luxury jewelry, especially in the Evanston/Skokie area. The 12-minute trip to Skokie to sell your luxury jewelry is well worth your time, because we have much lower overhead than downtown Evanston luxury jewelry buying shops and we pass our savings on to you in the form of higher offers for your valuables. Give us a call at (312) 989-8067.‬ Oakton Coins & Collectibles – 4547 Oakton Street, Evanston/Skokie Illinois 60076.

Oakton Coins & Jewelry: How our staff tests your gold.

The best way to accurately evaluate your items is to bring them into our Evanston area location so that we may test each item. This process will give you the knowledge you need to know that you are selling your gold for the right price. Our Evanston area staff has the most hands-on training and experience in the industry.

We have a completely different perspective when it comes to purchasing your valuable items such as diamond jewelry, coins and flatware. We buy your diamonds and precious metals and recycle  them to feed our onsite wholesale and retail jewelry manufacturing operation. This is the main reason we are able to pay more than our competitors: because we use all purchased components firsthand.

What should you expect when you come into our Evanston area location to sell your gold jewelry, coins, and flatware? Our trained staff will personally evaluate each item one by one. They will use a standard magnet to remove any steel-based, magnetic costume or fake jewelry. We check all items with a loupe to verify markings or stamps used to indicate the karat or purity percentage on the piece.

Items are divided by karat class (10K to 24K) in plastic jewelry ziplock bags. In some situations, when heavy gold plating is present on your item, we will need to slightly file some of the metal to get to the core. We may also need to do acid or x-ray tests on those plated items at the time of sale to ensure we have the proper karat reading. Each bag is weighed in grams, using a jewelry scale designed to weigh in troy. Troy is the only legal form of measurement that is used in the precious metals exchange in Evanston and worldwide.