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Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys diamonds in all shapes and sizes. 

We are not traditional diamond dealers, and we could have to call in other dealers to appraise big diamonds. Oakton Coins is a great place to sell diamonds, if we can not meet your expectations we can always give you a referral to the best diamond buyer for you. We are a great place to start in the confusing Evanston – Chicago area diamond market.


Buying diamonds in all shapes and sizes
Premiums paid for GIA and Certified diamonds

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A surprising development, because while many had expected Russia to potentially sell some of its extensive gold reserves as the Kremlin battles with low oil prices, few had anticipated that Russia would flood the diamond market. Furthermore, the proceeds from the auctions: the budget proceeds will hardly exceed $ 15 million from the diamond sales. However, will not stop Russia. Initially, only medium-sized stones – those weighing up to 10.8 carats – will be sold. Such diamonds are found in abundance on the market, and do not represents a special interest for buyers, but the oversupply may adversely affect the market as a result of the sudden surge in supply. = SELL YOUR DIAMONDS!!!!