Because we are one of the top diamond buyers in Evanston, you can be sure that when you sell your diamonds to us, we will examine and review them closely to determine the highest value. Our trained professionals take into consideration a diamond’s four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat weight, as well as its intrinsic value, shape and certification.

Our team will help guide you through the process as they factor in the history, craftsmanship, and market desirability of your diamonds and diamond jewelry to determine the best price. Together, we will also review the weekly price list for diamonds (a pricing list used around the world), to help educate our customers so that they understand how and why we arrived at a certain price.

At Oakton Coins & Collectibles we can help you sell your: Diamonds, Diamond engagement rings, Diamond jewelry

Simply contact us with a detailed description of your diamonds or diamond jewelry so that we can begin the process of assessing its value. You might also find it useful to have your diamond’s certification on hand, if it is available.

With Oakton Coins & Collectibles, you can rest assured that every deal is kept confidential, and we will discuss our offer to buy your diamonds before beginning the payment process. We can guarantee a safe, secure, and insured transaction process from start to finish.